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Drug Abuse and Addiction Growing in the U.S

Drug abuse and addiction are a growing problem in the United States. People from all ages and from all backgrounds are abusing drugs of every kind. Though nearly every kind of drug abuse under the sun occurs, the abuse of alcohol, heroin, and prescription medicine are among the most common. That's why Sarasota drug rehab centers are dedicated to effectively treat individuals who find themselves deeply dependence on those drugs.

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What is Drug Abuse?

The difference between drug abuse and drug addiction is minimal. Yet it's important to understand.

The abuse of drugs consists of using the drugs in a manner they weren't intended for. For example, those that are abusing prescription drugs are using them in a way that wasn't intended by the prescribing doctor. On the other hand, taking illegal drugs like heroin is always considered abuse no matter the circumstances.

Yet there is a gray area overlapping abuse and addiction. Many of those that start by abusing drugs soon develop a full-fledged addiction. This is often the case with alcohol abuse. Abusing alcohol over an extended period of time often leads to alcoholism down the road.

Identifying Drug Abuse

It's important to identify a problem with drugs as soon as possible. The sooner you seek treatment, the easier it will be to fight addiction.

If you're worried that a loved one is abusing drugs, there are several signs you can keep your eyes open for. These include behavioral changes like mood swings and depression as well as physical changes like rapid weight loss or rapid weight gain.

Treatment Options

Fortunately, there are a lot of treatment options available for those struggling with drug abuse and addiction. Many of these rehab programs offered specialized treatment, tailored to the drug you're struggling with. As we mentioned above, the key to effective treatment is checking yourself into drug rehab as soon as abuse or addiction is identified.

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