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The heroin overdose rates that led to death in 2013 was over 8,000 people in America alone. Heroin has become cheaper and more available on the streets which are leading to many addictions. Treatment for heroin abuse and addiction is available at Sarasota heroin addiction rehab centers, and with enough people seeking treatment, the heroin overdose rates can be lowered.

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What is Heroin and Why is it so Addictive?

Heroin is an opiate that is a processed form of morphine. It comes from a family of plants called poppy plants. It is highly addictive and illegal to own, use or sell and the heroin overdose rates for people who try the drug are among the highest of all opiates. It can be injected, snorted and smoked and usually gives the abuser an instant sense of euphoria as the reward centers of the brain are activated.

With continued use, the brain's chemical balance changes and some of the neuroreceptors that control pleasure and reward begin to shutdown to counteract the excessive amounts of heroin in the system. Eventually and in a relatively short time, the person becomes reliant on heroin in order to feel "normal". The body becomes physically dependent on the presence of heroin and it can take some time (weeks to months in some cases) to return normal balance after drug use.

What does Treatment for Heroin Addiction Look Like?

Powerful opiates such as heroin require professional help such as at a rehab center. Treatment begins with a detox program with the use of medications such as methadone to help the patient deal with the withdrawal symptoms. Additionally, if there is a concern of prior medical conditions such as heart problems then it can be monitored during detox.

A residential program is often the best choice for heroin treatment and both the detox and the behavioral treatment can be managed at the rehab center. This means that the patient will have access to professionals in psychology as well as around-the-clock care to help them cope with cravings among other things.

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