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Suboxone is a medication doctors prescribe to help a person overcome opiate dependence, such as to heroin or prescription drugs, such as morphine or hydrocodone. The medication's active ingredient is buprenorphine hydrochloride. This medicine works to reduce opioid dependence symptoms.

Upon its FDA approval in the treatment of addiction, this drug was considered ground-breaking because doctors could prescribe it in a doctor's office without the need for a specifically geared clinic, such as a methadone clinic, which is also used for opiate abuse.

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What Are the Effects/Symptoms of Use of Suboxone?

Suboxone is considered to have a lower abuse potential than methadone as well as a reduced risk for overdose. For these reasons, it may be a more attractive medication for some people who suffer from opiate abuse.

This drug is an opioid agonist. This means it reduces the effects that taking or using opioids can have on the brain. If a person takes Suboxone, he or she will not feel the same euphoria or high that a person typically might when using opioids by themselves. The medication also helps to break a person's physical cravings for the drug.

Side effects associated with using Suboxone can include blurred vision, nausea, loss of appetite, vomiting, runny nose and dizziness.

Considerations When Taking Suboxone

While this drug is intended to help a person overcome an opiate addiction, it is always possible a person can become addicted to Suboxone itself. This medication is considered to be a controlled substance, and the U.S. Food & Drug Administration classifies it as we "controlled substance."

Some people may attempt to take this drug in combination with other medications known to have a sedating effect. Examples include sleeping pills, antidepressants, benzodiazepines and alcohol. Abusing these medications in this manner can lead to drug overdose because they can depress the respiratory system, affecting a person's breathing.

Abruptly discontinuing this medication can cause a person to experience withdrawal symptoms. For this reason, a drug treatment center can supervise the tapering of the drug, which can help a person minimize the potential side effects of Suboxone withdrawal.

Symptoms associated with Suboxone withdrawal include anxiety, body aching, trouble thinking clearly, stomach upset, dizziness, mood swings and cravings for the drug. A person may also experience symptoms of depression.

Suboxone Use in the United States

More than 3 million people in the United States have taken Suboxone as a means to overcome their addictions to opiates, according to the National Pain Report. Physicians must have a special license to prescribe the medication. However, they do not have to perform the same blood testing that a person who takes methadone for opioid dependence does.

An estimated 9 million prescriptions were filled for this drug in 2012. However, the medication has been used as a diversionary drug and purchased illegally off the street.

Treatment for Suboxone Withdrawal

Suboxone abuse typically begins with the withdrawal phase, where addiction treatment specialists will advise a person in how to slowly taper off the dose. After this process, a person will likely begin therapy sessions, which can be individual or involving group therapy.

Cognitive-behavioral therapies are often used to help a person struggling with substance abuse. This is because these therapies help a person identify potential triggers for abuse and how to handle cravings and temptations that could lead a person to abuse the drug again.

Suboxone abuse can be difficult to detox from because a person may come to see the drug as the means by which he or she finally beat an opiate addiction. Quitting this drug can be the last attachment a person has to his or her abuse, and could make a person feel afraid that he or she will relapse. Long-term treatment is necessary to break the mental addiction as well as the physical dependence.

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